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- - CANYON HIGH SCHOOL SOARING PRIDE BAND - - 1701 23rd St., Canyon, TX 79015 - (806) 677-2740 - - MIKE SHEFFIELD, Director - - LUIS HERNANDEZ, Assistant Director
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Multimedia links for the Canyon High School Soaring Pride Band:

Looking for the story that KVII ProNews 7 did on our great band during the March-A-Thon in August 2011? Then CLICK HERE!!

PHOTOGRAPHS of the Soaring Pride Band and Staff in action by Joseph Romero Photography.

A few photos from the 2011-2012 School Year:

Band Kid Band Kid
Band Kid Band Kid

VIDEOS of the Soaring Pride Band and Staff hosted by YouTube.


Percussion Exhibition, Summer 2012

UIL Regional Performance of "La Fiesta Mexicana"

Director Sheffield and Drum Major Shaw on ABC-Affiliate KVII-TV's DayBreak Morning News Show

Clarinet Rehearsal with Assistant Director Hernandez before the UIL Area Performance
Band Parents and Band Members are encouraged to submit photos for publication on our website. Contact our photographer, D'Edra Jefferson.

Poetry Corner

"I am from musical serenity,
from sharps and flats.
I am from the band hall
(Hot, crowded,
it smells like sweat)
I am from the winds
the B flat clarinet
whose notes I've been playing for years.

I'm from woodwinds and brass
from drum majors and band directors.
I'm from the pass offs
and the attempts,
from forte and piano.
I'm from rhythms and notes that
make such beautiful music
it makes some people cry.

I'm from contest and concert,
fast paced and beautifully slow.
From chipped reeds and stuck valves
I'm from cork grease and valve oil,
sticky and scentless.

I sit in the band hall playing
my music trying to take it all in,
so many different things
it's like a dream.
I am from all of these moments-
barely beginning with life-
this is my family, this is my home."

-- Grace Summerlin
Canyon High School Soaring Pride Band,
Class of 2015



Updated: June 13, 2014