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- - CANYON HIGH SCHOOL SOARING PRIDE BAND - - 1701 23rd St., Canyon, TX 79015 - (806) 677-2740 - - MIKE SHEFFIELD, Director - - LUIS HERNANDEZ, Assistant Director
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AREA UIL CONTEST - OCTOBER 26, 2013 - Lowrey Field in Lubbock, TX!

October 18, 2013

- Letter Jackets should be ready on Friday, October 25th.

- Band Clinic on Saturday, October 19th. 11:00am to 4:00pm. Lunch provided by the Band Boosters at 12:30pm.

- Monday Night March on October 21st will include Cody Meyers.

October 09, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS! High Plains was a fantastic success! Your hard work, frustration, tears, anger, and determination to stick it out caused us to win top Colorguard, Percussion, and Champion Band. You did GREAT!

GARMENT BAGS - are in. Come get 'em.

Junior HIgh band will be sitting with us at the game this week. Be positive and inclusive. :)

This week is UIL week. We must get a first division to advance to area. Here's the schedule.

Mon - No early rehearsal! (we will talk about High Plains during class) 6-8 p.m. rehearsal at CHS ( either on our field or the turf)
Tues - 7 a.m. rehearsal
Wed - 7 a.m. rehearsal
Thurs - 7 a.m. rehearsal

Fri - Wear your band shirt.
7 a.m. rehearsal. HALF DAY OF SCHOOL!
5 p.m. meet in uniform at CHS.
7 p.m. CHS vs Randall (we're visitors).
10:30 p.m. Arrive home and unload.

3:30 p.m. Rehearsal in band shirt and comfy clothes (not uniforms)
4:30 p.m. Change and Load
5:15 p.m. Depart for Dick Bivins
6:30 p.m. Warmup
7:00 p.m. move to prep position
7:30 p.m. Perform at UIL.
9 p.m. Results announced.
10 p.m. Arrive at CHS - unload

Have a great week!
Mr. S
August 26, 2013

Welcome to the first week of school and congratulations on surviving summer band. Here are some announcements for this week.

Meet the Eagles - is Mon. night at 6:30 at CHS. This is an introduction to all fall sports, including band. R seniors will be introduced. This will take place on the new field.

7 am rehearsals begin this week!

Pass offs - no music is due this week, so please get caught up.

Game vs Lubbock - we will leave at 4 pm Friday. We will NOT be in uniform for this game. We will wear band shirts and jeans for this. Students will be fed in Lubbock.

This week:

Mon - school is on regular 8:15 start. Report to first period for your schedule. 6:30 meet the eagles. Band needs to report at 6:00pm.
Tues - 7 am rehearsal
Wed - 7 am rehearsal
Thurs - 7 am rehearsal
Fri - wear your band shirt. 7 am rehearsal. 4 pm depart for Lubbock. 7:30 game at Lowery field. 12 midnight arrive at CHS.

Next week:

Mon - holiday
Tues - 7 am rehearsal
Wed - 7 am rehearsal
Thurs - 7 am rehearsal
Fri - wear your band shirt. Playoff deadline, 2 nd mvmt. Game in Pampa in uniform.

Have a great week.
Mr. S
August 12, 2013

Hi, everyone,

We're survived two fantastic, hard-working weeks. We're off and running on our drill, and we've had fantastic participation on our play-off charts. This week we will do more with the band together. More drill together, and we'll have our first full band music rehearsal.

Keep collecting your march-a-thon pledges. Other than this being a great fundraiser, I have challenged the band to a contest. If I raise more than your average, I get to choose your "humiliation." Don't let me win!

Here's the plan for the week.

Mon - 7:30 a.m. Leadership team meeting; 8-12:45 rehearsals; 2:30-3:30 colorguard dance class.

Tues - 8-12:45 rehearsal; Sibling day 6 p.m. Hunsley Park.

Wed - 8-12:45 rehearsal; 2:30-3:30 colorguard dance class.

Thurs - INSERVICE - Possible colorguard rehearsal 9-noon; 4-6 P.M. REHEARSAL INDOORS (NO FRUIT NEEDED) (no colorguard if morning rehearsal is a go)

Fri - Playoff deadline - first cut of the show memorized; 8-12:45 rehearsal; 2 p.m. Uniform check out; 4 p.m. selected brass/percussion rehearse for convocation. Water day 6 p.m., Southeast Park.

Have a great week!

Mr. S
August 2, 2013


First, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made the Summer Band Picnic a success! I feel the event went very well and everyone had a great time.

Whitney Clark is still in need of help with the daily fruit program. Please e-mail her at whitney@soaringprideband.com. THANKS Whitney!

Adriane Morris has volunteered to be the Event Coordinator for The March-A-Thon Lunch on August 24th. This is where we feed our band after they have marched for ten miles throughout Canyon. Adriane still needs help, so please contact her at adriane@soaringprideband.com. THANKS Adriane!

Looking for photos? Check out the Booster's Dropbox!


Reeves Easley-McPherson,
President, Soaring Pride Band Boosters.

July 16, 2013


In one week, on July 23rd, we will have our first Band Booster's meeting of the 2013-14 School Year! The meeting will be held at 7:00pm in the Canyon High School Band Hall. ALL band parents, grandparents and families are invited to join us.

In further news...

- A big thank you to Adriane Morris for volunteering to serve as Event Coordinator for the Back to Summer Band Picnic on July 30th. This event is for ALL Band kids and ALL Band parents and will begin with an informative and entertaining talk by our director, Mr. Sheffield. We are still in need of food donations and volunteers (cooks) for this event, so if you are willing to help, please contact Ms. Morris at adriane@soaringprideband.com.

- It takes a LOT of food to keep the band kids going during summer band. The best way to keep them hydrated while marching outdoors is via water and fruit. Whitney Clark has stepped-up to volunteers as the Fruit Coordinator this year. (Thanks Whitney!) So if you would like to sign-up for a day to bring fruit for the band, please e-mail Ms. Clark at whitney@soaringprideband.com.

- Make sure your kids doesn't march for free. Start soliciting those March-A-Thon donations today! This is a 100% profit fundraiser that goes into your band kid's account. The money earned can be used for the 2013 band assessment fee, marching shoes, meal fees, t-shirts, gloves, for the 2015 band trip, etc.

Since we are on the subject of March-A-Thon, we are still in need of volunteers to be Snack Stop Captains at the Library, Junior High and the Intermediate School. David and Sandy Wall have volunteered to be the Snack Stop Captains at the University Church of Christ Rest Stop (Thanks to David & Sandy!) And Stacy Frish has volunteered to help with the Snack Stops at the Junior High and the Intermediate School. (Thanks Stacy!)

We are also in need of volunteers to help feed our band kids at the March-A-Thon Lunch at the high school at 1:00pm on Saturday, August 24th. Wanna join in the fun? Send an e-mail to president@soaringprideband.com.

Here is a list of items that the Booster's are in need of to support our band:

- Contacts with food distributors who might be willing to donate product directly to the Soaring Pride Band Boosters or would be willing to offer an extreme discount. Such as Mrs. Bairds Bread, Frito Lay, a source for hotdogs and hamburger patties, etc.

- A couple of parents who are good with construction to build field props for the marching season program.

Thank you for all that you do to support the Soaring Pride Marching Band!!

See you NEXT TUESDAY at 7:00pm at the Canyon High School Band Hall.

Reeves Easley-McPherson,
President, Soaring Pride Band Boosters.



1. PDF Icon July 16, 2013 Summer Band Letter from Sheffield
2. PDF Icon 2013 Band Booster Membership/Merchandise ORDER FORM
3. PDF Icon 2013 Canyon High School Band Supplies ORDER FORM
4. PDF Icon 2013 March-A-Thon Pledge Form
5. PDF Icon 2013 Marching Season Calendar
6. PDF Icon Yellow Dog Seating Chart
7. PDF Icon Marching Band Fitness Plan
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October 18 - Homecoming Game at KIMBROUGH STADIUM. 5:00PM AT CHS, 7:00PM GAME.
October 19 - SUPER-CLINIC! at Canyon High School. 11:00am to 4:00pm. Lunch provided by the Band Boosters at 12:30pm.
October 21 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Monday Evening Marching Rehearsal (Cody Meyers Clinic).
October 24 - Thursday Game vs. Caprock at Dick Bivins Stadium in Amarillo.
October 26 - UIL AREA CONTEST - Lowrey Field in Lubbock, TX - Time: TBD
October 28 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Monday Evening Marching Rehearsal.
October 31 - Thursday Game vs. Amarillo High School at Dick Bivins Stadium in Amarillo.
November 4-6 - UIL STATE MARCHING CONTEST - San Antonio, TX
November 7 - Band Boosters Meeting - 7:00pm - CHS Band Hall
November 8 - Final Regular Season Game - Kimbrough Stadium vs. Palo Duro - SENIOR NIGHT!
November 12 - TMEA All-Region Band Auditions. 5:00pm at Amarillo High School (No Buses Provided)
November 15 or 16 - Playoff Game #1 - TBD
December 5 - TMEA Pre-Area Band Auditions. (Only for students who qualified at regional level on November 12th) 5:00pm at Amarillo High School (No Buses Provided)
December 5 - Band Boosters Meeting - 7:00pm - CHS Band Hall
December 6-7 - TMEA All Region Orchestra Clinic and Concert (See Mr. Sheffield for more information)
December 16 - Winter Band Concert - 8:00pm - CHS Auditorium





Music improves math achievement and proficiency, reading and cognitive development; boosts SAT verbal scores and skills for second-language learners. - USA Today article quoting a UCLA Study. See: http://goo.gl/Glsrp for more information.

Updated: October 18, 2013